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마크 월링어 Mark Wallinger

마크 월링어는 뮌스터에 커다란 원형 경계선을 설치한다. 건물의 4.5미터 높이에 5킬로미터에 달하는 흰 실을 매달아 각 빌딩을 연결한다. 이 긴 실은 커다란 원을 형성하며 보행자들이 고개를 들었을 때 자신이 서있는 경계를 인식하게 만든다.

Mark Wallinger has installed a five-kilometer-long white thread that reaches a height of four and a half meters at Münster’s greatest elevation, even extending to fifteen meters over Lake Aa. A sculpture in the sky: the circle cuts through houses and bores its way through façades of buildings. Like many boundaries, Wallinger’s circle is not recognizable as such. When walking through town, passers-by will cross the thread many times but only notice it if they look upwards towards “higher things.”